Status update June 2019

In the last blog entry the following course of action was announced:

"...The Rovas application will be tested for any bugs, usability and overall functionality issues. In the meantime a basic API will be developed that will allow third-party applications to interface with Rovas. The first application the API will be tested with will be the existing, but redesigned x-country skiing portal, which will be transformed into an universal outdoor sports portal (cycling and x-country skiing initially)...."

The ETA given at that time was fall of 2018. It took us a "little bit" longer, but the basic Rovas API has been developed and the first phase of integration with the and portals is now complete. More info about it can be read here:

The next steps are - presentation of Merit Economy on the RAMICS 2019 planned for September and creation of the auction site / currency exchange application, hopefully before the year's end.